Our Story

In 2016 my husband, Ahura Z. Diliiza, decided to open a low sodium bakery to prove that it was possible to make delicious breads and baked goods completely salt-free. 

Daily Bread Bakery opened in Standish, Maine in the spring of that year as a small, family business.

Soon we branched out into selling through Etsy. 

After a couple of years we transitioned to selling online almost exclusively as we found we were better able to reach our customer base that way. During that time we experimented with selling a dry pancake mix that people could make at home. It soon became one of our top selling products!

During the holiday season of 2020 when shipping became unreliable due to the COVID pandemic, I realized that developing more dry mixes might be a good idea since unlike fresh-baked products, they wouldn't spoil if they got held up in the mail.

So I spent the next year or so developing some recipes that would work well as packaged mixes. These mixes are small and easy to ship, are shelf-stable and take much less time to make. They are also labeled with nutritional information and baking instructions so they make great gifts. And thus, Ahura Z's Salt Free was born!

We are just beginning this journey and plan to add many more products as we go. Eventually we hope to be able to distribute to other markets so everyone can access our foods. 

 We're so glad to have you here and hope you like our stuff!

Sinari Diliiza

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